Re.Think Talks/Building back better: economic and financial decision-making in a post-corona world

COVID-19 has forced governments to take unprecedented steps to try and recover their economies. At the same time, some private sectors warn they may be parking long-term climate visions and ambitions to make sure they survive just another day. This devastating situation could undermine important sustainability efforts. In this episode, Beatrice Crona, deputy science director from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and executive director of the Gobal Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere programme at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, talks to two on government spending and international finance: Maria Håkansson, CEO of Swedfund, the Swedish Governments Development Finance Institution and board member of Global Impact Investment Network who launched the Response, Recovery, and Resilience Investment Coalition and Therese Lindahl, director of the Behavior, Economics and Nature Programme at the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics. Together they will be discussing how stimulus packages and investments can promote short-term economic recovery without compromising long-term decarbonization and sustainability goals.


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