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Re.Think Talks/Social resilience during times of crisis: what can we learn from those hit the hardest?
COVID-19 is a devastating example of a crisis which ripples through regions and countries, affecting pretty much all aspects of our lives. The impacts of the pandemic have hit some communities harder than others, especially in the Global South. Fortunately, we are seeing signs of resilience emerging from many affected communities. There is ongoing mobilization to combat the direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic. This could be crucial when navigating this exceptional situation we are in. In this episode, Albert Norström from Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Global Resilience Partnership talks to colleague Cibele Queiroz from the beforementioned institutions and Rafael Calderon-Contreras from the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico. Together they take a closer look at some of these communities and how they have responded to this crisis. What can we learn from them and how can we build social resilience for similar events in the future?