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third task # 6 - The other problem behind climate crisis - Judy Fabienne Kool and Elina Eriksson
A conversation between an associate professor in human-computer interaction Elina Eriksson (KTH) and toxicology master student Judy Fabienne Kool (KI). They discuss how and why our systems are built in a non-sustainable way and the connected reasons for the climate transition being so slow. Do we need more technological solutions? How do we transition as a society and a culture? Can reaching outside of our western dominated view of the world help to find the solutions?
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conversations between teachers and students, about our future
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Conversations between students and educators about our future.
third task # 5 - Climate transformation - Staffan Laestadius and Naram-Sin Poli
A conversation about the climate transformation between professor emeritus of industrial development Staffan Laestadius (KTH) and bachelor of science in biology Naram-Sin Poli (Stockholm University). They discuss the importance of political short term goals for the long term goals of the Paris agreement to be achievable. What do we have to do today to reach the goals? Is nuclear power relevant to the climate transition? What are the complexities of the transition in relation to modernity and global inequality?